Welcome Friends!


Why Off The Clocker?

I am a dauntless and delightful crusader for clarity, compassion, and comic relief.

I believe that when we stop focusing on the clocks in our lives we start being present for other things. Things that bring minds clarity and wisdom. Things that make hearts laugh and souls sing. Things that create deeper connections. Things worth writing and telling stories about. Fun things. Meaningful things. Transformative things. Things worthy of your time. Things that let your purpose come out an play.

To honor this belief, I have claimed this little corner of the internet to use the power of coaching and storytelling to catalyze the transformation of individuals, organizations, and communities. 

Join my movement to help the world embrace the Off The Clocker Manifesto:

Find the fun.

Unwind the mind.

Connect the heart.

Make something.

Stay grounded.